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Jorge Adeler was born and raised in Argentina with a deep appreciation and love for the gemstones that he was exposed to from neighboring countries such as Brazil and Colombia.

He moved to the United States in the early 70’s with his wife Graciela and his two daughters to pursue a dream. He opened Adeler Jewelers in 1975 and honed his skills in design through the years.

Jorge Adeler’s passion for ancient coins will leave you mesmerized.  It prompted Jorge to create a jewelry collection featuring such coins from all around the world.  From simple rings and cufflinks for the gentleman to more elaborate Diamond framed creations for the ladies, the Jorge Adeler coin collection is a great addition to your jewelry closet.

Complementing the ancient coins you will also find one of a kind Pearl and colored stone creations that are  great pairings for his other designs and showcase Mr. Adeler’s creativity as an artist.

Jorge Adeler 1
Jorge Adeler 2