David Webb Twin Frog Bracelet

David Webb Twin Frog Bracelet

Since 1948, David Webb has carried forward a rich tradition of design, craftsmanship and creativity as an ICONIC American jewelry house.

If one animal were to be labeled as the most iconic Webb creation, there would be a tie for first place between the zebra and the twin frog, among the very first of the Webb animal bracelets. What is it about frogs that people love? There are collectors of Webb jewelry who have this bracelet, they have frog brooches in enamel and rock crystal, frog sautoirs in gold, frog cuff links…they have become, if such a word existed, befrogged. Variations on this particular bracelet include enameling in white, black, and blue; it has been adapted as a single-and-double-frog bracelet watch; and a refined version was made entirely of diamonds and yellow gold. So go ahead…become befrogged.

Twin Frog Bracelet

Diamonds 1.06 cts.

Ruby 16.14 cts.

18K Yellow Gold