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Co-founded by Angela Camurati in 1984, she set the creative direction of the company, specializing in round sculptural shapes with solid materials and plenty of precious gems, such as diamond pavé and big, colorful gemstones displaying a boldness that is unmistakably Italian. The brand was purchased in 2001 by Carlo Traglio, who serves as president, while Camurati remains as production director. The two have maintained the creative integrity of the firm while expanding its business to 15 boutiques worldwide and a robust wholesale network.

Vhernier jewels are crafted in Valenza, which is one of the most important gold jewelry regions in Italy and the world, characterized by the production of hand-crafted jewelry, including exclusive, unmistakable one-off pieces made using fine techniques, attention to detail, high-level design and precious materials. Among the Italian companies that produce their gold jewels there are Bulgari, Pasquale Bruni and Damiani. Vhernier distinguishes itself from its peers, by freely using other materials such as woods, unusual stones, fossils and aluminum that are mixed with precious materials.

Working with these other materials seems to go against the tradition, identity and even the economy of the local gold jewelry industry. In a recent interview, Traglio responds by saying as long as the company focuses on contemporary Italian design and craftsmanship, he feels that he is adhering to the traditions of Italian jewelry making while introducing innovation.

“At Vhernier we never get tired of experimenting. To explore different materials is part of our tradition in experimentation and of our nonconformist spirit,” Traglio said. “The great challenge of contemporary jewelry is to make pieces that are closer to our way of living. For an Italian brand, it is a matter of identifying the way to combine innovation with the great tradition of craftsmanship of this country, at the same time maintaining one’s own identity. We have chosen to follow this path by creating something new, with unconventional designs and materials used in innovative ways.”